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About Us

Why should I use archiparti?

archiparti empowers one person design firms. The world is changing. Gig economy, workation, remote teams are all flourishing. The future of business must be online, digital, global, done through connecting individual talent units. archiparti is the infrastructure to empower this new mode of business for the industry.
We provide a clear digital solution that enables designers to go independent, focus on their creativity, design with quality and efficiency intact. The result is a streamlined management process for project owners supported by the most matched talents around the world and honest local partners who will deliver with standard. Together we wish to contribute to a more personalized interesting physical world.

Who should use archiparti?

archiparti connects independent designers with project owners. By using archiparti as their management platform, small firms, independent designers and project owners are guaranteed to improve their efficiency.

archiparti enables those who believe that good design maximizes value to pass their vision on to professionals, all while managing the entire process with minimal effort and at a fair price.

For those wanting to join the new movement of independent designers but don’t know where to start, archiparti is the perfect tool. Any firms wanting to become more efficient can set up an international team within the archiparti network.

archiparti is an innovative online business model that helps you take advantage of an ever-growing pool of international talent.

What are the differences between using a contractor, design firm, independent designer and archiparti?

archiparti is streamlined for project owners who cannot afford design firms yet who value competitive design and quality. Our designers are independent contractors who, by managing inefficiencies of the design and building process, minimize independent designer effort and time to project completion through our system.

We are here to connect reliable independent designers to your project for better management, efficiency, and at a realistic price. If you have a designer in mind but prefer archiparti’s systematic management, you are more than welcome to bring your designer to our platform to complete the project!

How many designers are there? Are they all from Hong Kong?

As of January 2017, we have over 1400 designers from all over the world.

Project Owners

What happens when I hand over my project?

Once you create a project and supply all the necessary documents, we help define your needs better and announce the project to all matching designers in the database.

Typically, you will get an average of 13 designer choices within two working days after you create a project. After confirming the designers, archiparti will help set up proper project flows. You don’t need to sign any contract or make any payment before confirming the designer and greenlighting the actual work involved.

Does the service include site visits and site management?

You may request any offline service, although there might be extra fees involved, depending on the designer.

What should I include in my project description?

Please include as much information as possible, after which we will call to follow up on any points of confusion or concern. In addition, we provide detailed surveys to align your needs not only with those of designers but also of different decision-makers (family members, office shareholders, etc.)

I don’t have any reference styles in mind. Are there any samples available?

You will always see designer portfolios before making a decision.

I don’t know how many designers I need - help!

archiparti saves you from having to go to different design firms and contractors to compare. Here you can compare multiple styles, quotes, levels of experience and delivery standards in one place. Crowdsourcing ideas will put you at a distinct advantage when fitting your project with the ideal designer.

Can I request for a particular designer?


Is there a qualification standard for designers?

We always verify designers whenever they get accepted to projects.

What if I want to make changes in my information?

Just let us know anytime.

Can I post multiple projects?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of projects that may be posted by each project owner.

Can I get any notifications for updates?

Yes, you will always get notifications for updates from archiparti. Please make sure you add projects@archiparti.co to your contact list for project updates, and hello@archiparti.co for general tips and news.

What do I need before posting a project?

Please decide a target move-in date, total project budget (including design, construction, furniture and all decorations) and measure saleable area and ceiling height before posting a project. You should also have a site plan and current site photos on hand. If you desire any specific style, please prepare reference images as well. Once you have these, please submit the project HERE.

Can I withdraw my project if I don’t like any of the designs?

Yes. Neither will you ever pay for, or sign, any contract before finding a designer that you like.


Am I required to be in Hong Kong to register as a designer?

No, you can register from anywhere in the world. Our vision is to create an international talent pool to accelerate change in the industry.

I’ve submitted a design. What happens next?

Once you win a bid, you get the commission and interesting new projects for your portfolio. Even if you lose the bid, you earn extra points toward netting more and better matches in the future.

In addition to projects from archiparti, you may also manage and build your team on our system. Stay tuned for the demo and new features launch, coming soon.

How do I get paid after my design is selected?

You will get paid through PayPal or via bank transfer.

I applied for a project two weeks ago and haven’t heard back since my last exchange with the project manager. What is happening?

Please understand there are times when projects drag on for months. If archiparti gets a concrete decision backed by a legitimate reason, we will make sure to pass along the information to you as soon as possible, to the satisfaction of all involved parties.

How do I search for a project that is suitable for me?

We have a matching formula that performs an initial screening based on project owner needs and your experience. Completing your profile as thoroughly as possible will aid in this process.

Who can see my portfolio?

We have a matching formula that performs an initial screening based on project owner needs and your Privacy settings are available for each image you upload. If you set it to public, everyone can see it and archiparti will help you in terms of promotion. If you set it to private, only those registered project owners in whom you have expressed interest will be able to view your portfolio.. Completing your profile as thoroughly as possible will aid in this process.

Who can upload their projects in archiparti?

Anyone who believes in the values of archiparti and has a space to be designed can upload new projects. We will always try our best to help!

What kind of projects will I find on archiparti?

Interesting smaller projects that can be done by an independent designer or a small firm.