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Are you looking for unique, high-quality ideas from the new generation of independent interior designers? Look no further!
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1400+ Designers Worldwide

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49% have 10+years experience

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The Moonlighter Apartments Tour speaker series encourages the public presentation of secret hobbies, passions, thoughts, opinions, and research. Our speakers address topics that may fall outside of their professional practices or make extensive amateur studies of subjects for which they lack “official” qualification, credentials, and training.

As an official partner of Mia Cucina(Kitchens by Towngas), archiparti offers exclusive discounts for a wide range of high-quality Towngas, Mia Cucina, and Scholtès products. In 2016, archiparti and Mia Cucina jointly organized “Reinventing Home Kitchen – International Design Contest 2016” to foster innovative and outstanding kitchen designs from talented professionals, artists, cooking & design enthusiasts and design students. The competition received xx submissions from xx countries and was covered Xxx times by industry leading magazines and mainstream press within 3 months. The winning project is being built at the Tsim Sha Tsui showroom as the exhibition piece.

FUTURE: Find the next big thing in building

archiparties event series provided opportunities for the traditional industry giants to meet innovation technology partners, and gain up-to-date insights on the latest disruptors and innovators. Hundreds of industry leaders attended the events, with topics like xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, xxx covered.