design intent package

1 Minute Checklist: Everything You Should Expect In A Full Design Intent Package

After the concept design stage, congratulations your favourite design has came out! And at the next stage, you are expected to receive the followings items […]
VR Interior Design

How Rendering Panoramic Images for VR Can Help Designers Make MILLIONS in the Next 3 Years

The usage of VR interior design and home renovation is steadily increasing. Many architects and interior designers are using 3Ds Max to make 360 panorama images. […]


Real Estate Photo Taking

5 Proven Real Estate Photo Taking Tips that will help drive sales by 30%

When you are trying to rent or resell your space, whether a large bar or a small room, it is important that your prospective customers have a clear real estate […]
extra small home

3 Easy Hacks to make your extra small home feel BIGGER

Want an upgrade from your extra small home but don’t want to move to somewhere new? Here are 3 simple hacks to make your extra small home feel bigger […]
interior design concepts

5 Interior Design Concepts for Beginners- Infographic

Here is our latest infographic highlighting basic interior design concepts - a great resource for both newcomers and veterans alike!
renovation project

2 Essential Stages Of Your Renovation Project YOU NEED TO KNOW Before Starting

Launching a project and waiting for responds? Wondering how to get everything done to make projects go smooth? Check out the tips by archiparti and manage your projects easily. […]

‘How to take site measurements DIY – 5 Simple Steps’

Accurate site measurements are a necessity whether you are planning on remodelling your home, upgrade your office space or simply rearrange your furniture placement, but how to take site measurement on your own? This is actually much easier than you imagine it could be. All it takes is to follow this detailed guide on site measurement, and you will be able to do it too.

Home Inspection Checklist- DIY Inspections Made Easy

Have you gone through a home inspection checklist before purchasing your new apartment?If not, make sure you will mark it as the number one task before you sign the papers, otherwise, you might have just trapped into a potential ‘living hell’ […]