January 10, 2017

郭行雲師傅 – 2017年五大家居風水禁忌

有想過不只人與人之間,人和環境之間也有一種關係:「沒有不好只是不合適」嗎?就算佈置得再精緻,風水也影響著你的遭遇。很多人不知不覺習慣了,所以不察覺身處的環境不適合自己。在翻新家居之前,不少人兩邊走,一邊尋求設計師的專業意見,一邊找命理師傅批家居風水,出來的結果卻相互矛盾。要改善家居,首先不要將「風水」和「守舊」劃上等號 —摩登的擺設也能配合風水。我們能夠一站式提供兩方面的意見 —之前的文章已概括不少翻新家居的小貼士;因此這次我們邀請了業界權威的風水師傅 – 郭行雲師傅,歸納出幾個普遍的家居風水禁忌。  
January 4, 2017

5 reasons you need to upgrade your office – and there are many more!

Tired of your office looking? It’s never too late for a change! A few easy decorations would inject a new atmosphere into your office, and it would […]
January 4, 2017

4 ways to Double Your Revenue — Begin with Decoration!

Which type of residential rental owners are you? Maybe you are investors who are willing to spend more on renovating the rooms hoping to generate large […]
December 29, 2016

A deeper look into Funding situation of HK early-staged startups – HK startup ecosystem analysis

In a series of blogs, we are going to share with you our findings and insights of Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem, focusing on the funding stage of […]
December 29, 2016

Featured Designer: Aron, co-founder of Napp studio

To all designers, we all know this journey is long and hard. In this invited interview series, we would like to share stories of several designers […]
December 23, 2016

archiparti wishes you a very happy Christmas!

Christmas is around the corner! What’s your plan for it?