January 25, 2017

Featured Designer: RYOYU KIDO, founder of BIGGERTHAN studio

Guys, what’s your dream? If it’s starting up a design company, you’d better read the short story of Ryoyu Kido, our independent designer.
January 23, 2017


January 18, 2017

Master Kwok tells you the “DONTs” for your bedroom decoration

Feeling blue today? You may feel better if you renovate your home by following our expert Fung Shui advice. We told you before: ‘ we are […]
January 10, 2017

郭行雲師傅 – 2017年五大家居風水禁忌

有想過不只人與人之間,人和環境之間也有一種關係:「沒有不好只是不合適」嗎?就算佈置得再精緻,風水也影響著你的遭遇。很多人不知不覺習慣了,所以不察覺身處的環境不適合自己。在翻新家居之前,不少人兩邊走,一邊尋求設計師的專業意見,一邊找命理師傅批家居風水,出來的結果卻相互矛盾。要改善家居,首先不要將「風水」和「守舊」劃上等號 —摩登的擺設也能配合風水。我們能夠一站式提供兩方面的意見 —之前的文章已概括不少翻新家居的小貼士;因此這次我們邀請了業界權威的風水師傅 – 郭行雲師傅,歸納出幾個普遍的家居風水禁忌。  
January 4, 2017

5 reasons you need to upgrade your office – and there are many more!

Tired of your office looking? It’s never too late for a change! A few easy decorations would inject a new atmosphere into your office, and it would […]
January 4, 2017

4 ways to Double Your Revenue — Begin with Decoration!

Which type of residential rental owners are you? Maybe you are investors who are willing to spend more on renovating the rooms hoping to generate large […]