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360 Rendering HOW? Tips and Tricks on How to Optimize Digital Tools for Next-Level Design Efficiency

VR Interior Design

The usage of VR interior design and home renovation is steadily increasing. Many architects and interior designers are using 3Ds Max to make 360 panorama images.

VR in Interior Design and Architecture

VR has became a big business in architecture and Interior design industries, as the uses are countless. Presently a number of Interior Architects are opting it as one of the integral part of their home renovation & interior designing. Ranging from an architect who is planning on building a house to a college student wondering if a desk will fit into his corner. In every home renovation or construction project, first of all there is a Project Owner and a designer/architect. While collaborating on a project, the communication between those two people is really very important.

Therefore, the most realistic way of viewing the completed house model is virtual reality. The VR platform allows Project Owners and designers gather information and work together. As a result through this virtual house, Project Owners will be able to :

  • walk through the interior
  • make decisions on the colors of furniture
  • patterns of tile
  • can also add suggestions on the details

Due to the so many benefits of virtual platform, it will soon become industry standard.


Workflow: From Sketchup to Panorama Image

In order to enable the walk-in and interactive experience with the completed model, a designer should render the 3D model as 360 panorama images. Then they have to launch them to VR platforms. Sketchup is the most common program for the architects to build the model. To begin with, the Sketchup model has to be exported to 3Ds Max,so it can  be rendered to a panorama image. Please play the tutorial above for the detailed steps of rendering 360 panorama image. To watch the video in Youtube please click here.


Below are some of the examples of how you can use 360 panorama in the sequence of project.


Site inspection

interactive-3D-model-archiparti-3Ds-Max-home-renovation-vr interior-design-freelancers

Design Presentation

archiparti-interior-designer-vr-platform-360-panorama-home-renovation-3ds-max VR Interior Design

Showcase final work

Whether it is 360 view or VR video, this  technology is getting very popular in archiparti platform as a tool to communicate with Project Owners all over the world.


  •  Intuitively estimate the size of construction site
  • Test out all stages without cost and time factor
  • Reduce the construction errors
  • Better communications

Future Possibilities

  • virtual representation of finished design
  • very effective and convincing/communication tool for the clients
  • revolutionize how architects work and think
  • near future – interactive experience with 3D
      • Read the notes and further explore to options.
      • opening doors
      • turning lights on
      • Having a virtu

Archiparti will glad to assist you on your projects, learn more about how we work? To get a professional assistance on your project you can contact us & get a free quote.


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